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Yogassage sculting seaweed facial 90mins – £65

A powerful pro-ageing double-mud seaweed facial with yoga-inspired facial massage to lift, tone and sculpt, whilst inducing deep relaxation and feelings of happiness.

​The ultimate facial for lifted, sculpted and renewed skin. This power packed facial delivers effective Pro-Ageing results with a Yoga inspired facial massage which boosts circulation, tones muscles, and lifts facial features.

Harnessing the most effective sea minerals and active ingredients the Alginate mask will soothe, restore and renew tired, dull and ageing skin, the mineral rich mud mask will infuse the skin with skin kind minerals to energise the skin cells and improve skin function.

This is a mood enhancing top to toe treatment that will leave your client feeling relaxed and restored.

Ocean glow facial– 60mins -£60

Experience the power of the sea with Sea Magik Ocean Glow Feel Good Facial. Featuring results-driven peel-off alginate masks, this seawater-infused facial is designed to leave you feeling uplifted and looking instantly radiant.

Combining facial massage techniques with a choice of customised masks, your skin will be given an extra boost of hydration and nourishment for a long-lasting youthful glow. With active ingredients derived from algae and seaweed, this indulgent facial works to reduce wrinkles, refine pores, improve skin elasticity and even out skin tone.

Not only will you leave looking rejuvenated but also feeling deeply relaxed after this comforting spa experience. Reclaim your glowing complexion today with Ocean Glow Feel Good Facial.

Hydra boost facial – 40 mins -£40

Sea Magik Hydra Boost Refresher Facial offers a luxurious and relaxing experience that leaves you with a glowing complexion.

This facial provides all the benefits of our full facial treatments in an express time frame, allowing you to achieve beautiful skin health…fast.

The treatment begins with a sea mineral skin cleanse, followed by a pressure point massage to relax any tension held in your face and neck. Next, skin is treated with mineral skincare to give skin an extra boost of hydration and nourishment.

This refreshing treatment is perfect for achieving a naturally radiant, glowing complexion

Gua sha mineral eye lift facial – 40- mins – £40

Sea Magik Gua Sha Mineral Eye Lift is a revolutionary face and eye treatment specifically designed to provide an effective firming and hydrating experience.

This luxurious facial combines a lifting eye massage and the power of Gua Sha crystals for a cooling cryo-massage that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness around the eyes while also relieving tension from eyestrain.

The treatment includes a gentle massage, which helps to awaken the skin and prepare for optimal absorption of powerful mineral-rich ingredients. The next phase of the treatment is an eye lift using Gua Sha crystals to promote circulation, reduce inflammation, and create a cooling effect that enhances the hydrating benefits

Peaceful seas nutering facial shoulder and scalp ritual – 60mins -£60

A deeply relaxing and warming Indian head style experience with a melting neck and shoulder massage, a targeted pressure point facial massage sequence, lifting eye massage, and aromatherapy warm oil scalp massage. The ritual is finished with an application of warmed seaweed-based scalp mud, to deeply condition the scalp and soothe the senses. Excellent for tension held in the head and neck.

Soothing oil and mud seaweed scalp massage – 40mins – £40

This indulgent and mineral-rich Sea Magik scalp treatment is designed to instantly soothe and restore scalp health.

Beginning with a therapeutic massage of warmed oil, the tension in your head and neck muscles are released as the scalp is gently nurtured. Nourishing, hot Seaweed Scalp Mud is applied to stimulate blood flow, oxygenation and nutrient delivery to the scalp while soothing and detoxifying.

The mineral-rich haircare used in this treatment helps stimulate hair follicles for an overall strengthening and revitalising effect, leaving your hair feeling soft, nourished and hydrated with renewed volume.

Enjoy a luxurious experience as you relax into this restorative treatment that will leave your scalp and hair looking beautiful, healthy and vibrant.

Yogasssage ocean flow and glow ritual – 90mins – £75

Sea Magik Yogassage Signature Ocean Flow + Glow Ritual is the ideal treatment for those looking for complete nurturing and relaxation.

This hero treatment provides an immersive experience starting with a full body cleansing ritual featuring warmed cleansing cloths choosing either uplifting or calming fragrance to set your senses on a journey of serenity.

After this, our experts perform long sweeping massage movements that are inspired by the sensation of waves flowing over the body, combined with gentle stretching and muscle manipulation sequences designed to bring deep alignment to your body and release deep set tension within the joints and muscles.

Finally, a layer of warmed body balm is applied giving your skin a refreshed and renewed feeling. The ultimate sensory spa experience.

Yogassage calming waves ritual – 45mins -£45

Sea Magik Yogassage Calming Waves Body Massage is a unique back of body massage experience designed to align the body while providing deep relaxation.

Taking techniques from both yoga and traditional Lomi Lomi water massage styles, this ritual combines long sweeping movements with gentle stretching and muscle manipulation sequences to release tension held in joints and muscles, for a thoroughly rejuvenating experience.

This luxurious massage ritual provides a blissful sense of renewal for both the body and mind.

Treatment suitable during pregnancy, alternative massage movements will be used.

Yogassage soothing waves ritual – 90mins- £75

Transform your body and mind with Sea Magik Yogassage Soothing Waves Ritual, a deeply relaxing full body yoga and ocean-inspired massage sequence, utilising traditional Lomi Lomi massage style.

The ritual begins with full alignment of the body and extra comfort checks to ensure deep relaxation is achieved. Long, sweeping massage movements are applied seamlessly over the body while gentle stretching and muscle manipulation sequences help to release tension in the joints and muscles of the body.

With this heavenly ritual your energy meridians will be unblocked, releasing stress and tension built up within your system for an ultimate feeling of relaxation.

Treatment suitable during pregnancy, alternative massage movements will be used.

Hot salt rock Relax massage (back of body) – 60mins -£55

 Sea Magik Hot Salt Rock Stress Relief + Relax Massage is a deep tissue, sensory massage ritual designed to bring relaxation on a deep level and help you reclaim your inner balance.

Warmed Himalayan salt rocks are used to massage the body in a calming, rhythmical motion, helping release muscular tension and promote a sense of tranquillity.

As the healing salt power is transferred through the body, pink Himalayan salt rocks will help in remineralising, detoxifying and re-balancing your mind, body, and spirit.

Hot salt rock muscle mend and sooth massage full body -90mins- £65

Discover Sea Magik Hot Salt Rock Muscle Mend + Soothe Massage and experience the healing power of a targeted back massage.

Our warmed natural Himalayan salt rocks are used to massage your body  in soothing deep tissue techniques, specifically designed to dissolve muscle tightness and tension whilst promoting a sense of calm.

The special pink Himalayan Salt Rocks provide a unique combination of remineralisation, detoxification and nourishment that benefits both the mind and body.

With its calming properties, this therapeutic massage can help you feel physically renewed and at peace.

Coco avocado tropical drench – 90mins – £65

A decadent and relaxing full body scrub and massage experience, to buff away dead skin cells, boost skin radiance and deeply relax muscles.

The ritual begins with a luxurious Coco Avocado Buttercream Scrub full body exfoliation.

The scrub is left on to deeply condition the skin whilst a deeply relaxing scalp massage is performed.

The mask is removed with hot towels before the skin is drenched in warmed body balm. An indulgent back massage is performed using our specialist Yogassage massage techniques, to relieve muscle tension and relax the mind.

Crystallage muti sensory facial -90mins -£65

This is a multi-sensory facial to archive deep relaxation , rejuvenate the skin and sculpt the facial contours.

At different points during the treatment you will hear the beautiful sound of the koshi chimes , the soft sound and gentle vibration  will enhance your relaxation and help you to take on a meditative state of mind .

You will be given a amethyst crystal to hold in your hand, amethyst crystals are particularly beneficial in purifying the mind reduce stress and anxiety and dissolve negativity.

By experience a deeply relaxing treatment and treating the skin with key actives within the crystallage skincare products you will see the key benefits to reducing stress only from the mind but also stress stored within our skin and key muscles of the face that affect facial structure and the overall appearance of the complexation.

You will also get to keep the crystal at the end of your treatment plus a at home care kit to carry on your relaxation at home.