45 minutes £40.00
60 minutes £60.00

Rei-ki (pronounced Ray Key) is a system of natural energy healing involving an energy transfer channelled through the hands of the therapist to the receiver by laying the hands on or above the body of the receiver.
It is NOT associated with a faith or religion, and the receiver doesn’t have to believe in the energy for it to work. The technique is 1000’s of years old.
Reiki addresses the whole person on every level physically, emotionally and spiritually.

How does it work?

Reiki assists in balancing energy on the physical, emotional and spiritual body; it has the ability to be channelled or to go where it is needed most.
It aids greatly to relaxation and its effects last well after the treatment has ended.
It helps remove negative energy, energy blockages and helps release trapped emotions.
It will greatly reduce stress and is not harmful in anyway; it can only be used for good.
It has no side effects and you cannot overdose.

We also teach and train Reiki healers contact me for further information.