Indian Head Massage

40 minutes of hands on treatment – £40.00

As the name suggests it is a massage that concentrates on the head but also incorporates the neck, arms, shoulders and face; places where we tend to carry a lot of tension.
In India the massage has been practised for more than 4000 years. In India it is a part of everyday family life and babies receive a daily massage to promote bonding.
In most Indian head massages oil is used. This helps keep hair and scalp in good condition. Plus you don’t have to get undressed to have the treatment

How does it work?
It promotes a general feeling of well-being, calmness and relaxation. By improving blood circulation the massage increases the flow of oxygen into the tissues of the body, helping to get to a healing state, plus it aids constitution and helps the body as a whole.
It relieves muscular tension, helps relieve physical and emotional stress and this helps to relax mind and body. It is a very uplifting treatment.
It can also encourage hair growth.